VIS Nutrition Tip #9 – Cravings


Do you experience cravings? Quite often people will blame cravings as the cause for setbacks towards their goals whether it be health, fitness or weight loss. So what are cravings and how do we manage them?

There are several myths surrounding cravings including the role of hormones and mineral deficiency’s to name a few. Some say cravings are just a sign of hunger. Whether it be bread, chocolate, or a bag of chips it possibly all comes back to the same thing. There is no evidence for cravings and where they come from, however we can tackle them by keeping our blood sugars balanced throughout the day, by not skipping meals and consuming Low GI (Glycemic Index) meals and snacks regularly.

For a balanced Low GI meal pair carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice, sweet potato, or legumes, with lean protein choices and plenty of fibre from fruit or vegetables. Plan snacks at appropriate times like fruit, yoghurt, nuts and wholegrain crackers.  Another solution is to address the triggers and be mindful of any emotions around a craving which can be termed “comfort eating”. You can identify triggers by filling out a food diary whilst making note of cravings and emotions.

VIS Sports Dietitian, Kylie Andrew