VIS Nutrition Tip #7 – FODMAP


Choosing food products for special dietary needs can be a challenge. However symbols on packaging can help.  For example the Heart Foundation tick points you in the direction of heart healthy choices, and the Low GI symbol identifies better carbohydrate choices. We now also have a FODMAP logo for those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms, fructose or FODMAPs intolerance.

Similar to lactose intolerance some people don’t produce enough of the enzyme to break down fructose which is found in certain foods including fruit, wheat, rye, garlic and onion to name a few. Due to this inability to break down fructose, it enters the gut and causes distressing symptoms such as bloating, pain, or flatulence. If you suffer from such symptoms a simple breath test can diagnose both fructose and lactose intolerance.

For those affected by this condition the supermarket can be a mine field of choice, so this logo helps to reduce shopping time by providing a fast way to identify approved food products that are FODMAP friendly choices.


VIS Sports Dietitian, Kylie Andrew