VIS Nutrition Tip #5 – Buy Aussie Made

Do you buy Australian made?  Buying local generally suggests fresher and  higher quality produce to the consumer, however sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference and when comparing price we may tend to go for the cheaper overseas choice.

Recently the Australian Olive Association and CHOICE magazine put Australian Olive Oils and those imported to the test.  They found the Australian product stood out among the rest. An alarming 80-90% of imported olive oils failed standards for their quality against claims they were extra virgin (aka unrefined and unspoiled). This failing may be a result of rancidity due to travel and conditions.  However, with such high standards set in the Australian olive oil industry it’s safe to say local is best. When buying Australian made olive oil you can trust the oil will be in its freshest extra virgin state necessary to provide health benefits.

So buy local on this one and reap the benefits, and don’t forget to keep oxygen, light and heat away from your precious oils to maintain their quality.


VIS Sports Dietitian, Kylie Andrew