VIS Nutrition Tip #12 – Zucchini



Zucchinis are a vegetable with a tender texture and fresh, delicate flavour complimenting a variety of dishes. Its nutritional claim is in its hydrating properties due to the high water and potassium content, together with low calories and a good source of vitamins C, A, and folate making it great for the cold and flu season!

When growing them yourself, they can get quite large however be sure to pick the smaller younger ones as they have more flavour.

For those that require a low carbohydrate alternative to pasta you can create spirals of zucchini with a peeler to serve raw or sautéed with your spaghetti sauce. Make a high fibre cake with the addition of grated zucchini into your recipe, roast and add to a salad or just simply bump up the vegetable component of your curry due to its fantastic ability to soak up all the flavours.


VIS Sports Dietitian, Kylie Andrew