Swim Stars of the Month

Swim Stars of the Month are awarded by coaches to encourage swimmers in training and in racing. These swimmers each receive a distinctive red swim cap from Swimming Australia.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who were named Swim Stars of the Month.



State Junior Squads: Ellie Ryan from Wesley
For her consistent work ethic,  her improving skills and being a willing mentor to our newer members of the squad. Well done Ellie!
Awarded by Liz Williams

Junior Squads: Grace Burnie from Tintern
Grace approaches her dryland exercises and swim sessions with focus and enthusiasm. Grace is a great listener and tries to take in as much as she can from sessions in order to improve. She is a keen racer and someone who sets a high standard for her teammates. Keep up the great work Grace!
Awarded by Kasey Stephenson

Hanson Squads: Edward Mueller from Nunawading

Awarded by Claire Stafford

Well done to this months winners and keep up the great work!


State Junior Squads: Noah Paswindar from Tintern
Noah for actively seeking additional feedback about things he has been doing in training and asking questions about what he should be focusing on. It’s very rewarding for a coach when they see their young athletes engaged and being proactive, especially when the athlete independently looks for opportunities within the training session to practice what they asked about. Noah has a great attitude and it’s a pleasure to coach such an unassuming young swimmer.
Awarded by Bob Edwards

Junior Squads: Charli Sanders from Wesley
Well done on a fantastic term of swimming Charli! You’ve made a huge effort to make sure you are always training to your very best both technically and aerobically. You’re now starting to see the results in your races, Keep up the amazing work ethic Charli!
Awarded by Aaron Whelan

Hanson Squads: Emma Williams from Tintern
Emma always wears a smile and approaches training with enthusiasm.  Emma is willing to try new things and recently competed in her first 50m butterfly event, with impressive results. Emma is always keen to lead her lane and has improved her time cycle skills. Well done Emma!
Awarded by Kasey Stephenson


State Junior Squads: Emma Zhong from Wesley
Emma, for her consistent, work ethic and determination in training. Keep up the good work Emma.
Awarded by Liz Williams

Junior Squads: Eli Millard from Tintern
Eli has consistently placed himself at the front of the group to lead his lane and set a great example for his team mates. Eli is quick to take on feedback and make changes to his technique. I have been very impressed by Eli’s improvement in his kick times, making all the kick cycles in last weeks sets. Keep the fantastic work Eli!
Awarded by Kasey Stephenson

Hanson Squads: Damon Hope from Wesley
Damon has shown great initiative before training to always start his Dryland exercises and encourage others to do the same. His leadership skills in the squad are also present when he helps others to read the board and use the pace clock to make sure he and the whole squad are keeping their time cycles on track. Damon has made fantastic improvement to all 4 strokes and uses every session to really implement what we are working on to help improve them even further. Well done Damon, keep up the great work!
Awarded by Aaron Whelan



State Junior Squads: Tiffany Reus from Tintern
Tiffany has had a great year so far, a credit to her detection. Tiffany prepares herself well for practice and competition every day, making sure she is ready and willing to accept and step up to the challenges set out by the coach, her team mates, and competitors. Tiffany uses every day to work on her skills improving any weaknesses and keep her weapons (strengths) sharp.
Awarded by Bob Edwards

Junior Squads: Chloe Jolme from Wesley
Chloe is a very dedicated swimmer and is always striving to better herself. Chloe takes on instructions very well and consistently applies new techniques during every training session. With a positive mindset and willingness to constantly improve, I am certain Chloe will go far in whatever she takes on.
Awarded by Stefania Basso

Hanson Squads: Cynthia Shi from Nunawading
Since starting Hanson, Cynthia has not only shown fantastic improvement in all four strokes, but has quickly learnt how to read the board and use the pace-clock for her time cycles. She now uses her knowledge to help out other swimmers in the squad and constantly shows enthusiasm to learn more about competitive swimming.
Awarded by Claire Stafford