Squad Fees

New Squad Swimmers

New Squad swimmers must complete the ‘New Squad Member Form’ and have it signed by the assessing coach prior to joining a squad.

Squad Training Fees 2017/18 season

Participation in the squad system is considered to be an annual involvement; therefore the total fees for the year have been averaged out to produce the monthly amount, with the same monthly fee being payable for all 12 months of the year. The number of weeks offered for each squad is defined in the table below.

Fees will be charged regardless of a swimmers attendance with the exception of prolonged absences of more than 2 weeks through injury, illness or family commitments (see below for more info).

The following squad fees will come into affect from 1 June 2017.

Squad Monthly Fee (incl. GST)  Training weeks per year 
High Performance Squad $250.00
National Blue $240.00 46 weeks/year
National Red $210.00 46 weeks/year
National Age Development $200.00 45 weeks/year
State Youth $160.00 44 weeks/year
State Age $160.00 44 weeks/year
Junior $140.00 42 weeks/year

Squad fees provide swimmers with coach instruction at training and competition, dryland and/or strength & conditioning instruction depending on age and pool entry and/or lease fees at all training venues.  The squad fees are heavily subsidised by our Just Swimming learn to swim program and we thank all the Just Swimming staff for their support.

The method of payment for monthly squad fees is via direct debit. All families are required to fill in the Direct Debit Request Form and return to Finance Manager, Louise Martin prior to beginning in the squad program.

Please remember to update your direct debit details with Louise should they change.

Adjustments to Squad Accounts

If a swimmer suffers any serious injuries or illnesses which necessitate a prolonged absence from training of more than 2 weeks, consideration may be given to adjusting the account in the following month.

If you wish to apply for a squad account adjustment, please complete the Squad Fee Adjustment Form,  and return it to the Finance Manager, Louise Martin. In general all charges will stand and any corrections will be made in the following month.

If you have any questions in regards to your account, please contact Louise

Year 12 Student Support

Nunawading Swimming Club is committed to working with Year 12 students to ensure they can continue their swimming and study through Year 12. While coaches will work with the athletes on individual plans, the Club also offers a discounted fee for Year 12 students.

Students completing Year 12 over one year will receive a discount of 30% on their monthly fee from February to November in the Year they complete Year 12.
Students completing Year 12 over two years will receive a discount of 15% on their monthly fee from February to November over the two years.