Sutherland Trophies

John Sutherland Trophy for Males and Margaret Sutherland Trophy for Females


2015/16 Sutherland trophy winners Josh Beaver and Belinda Hocking

The Sutherland Trophies were instigated during the 1978/1979 season. At that time it was recognised that the demands of training and competition at top level make it difficult for older swimmers to participate in many other club activities and at times their outstanding achievements in swimming were not being adequately recognised.

Originally these awards were known as the ‘Top Swimmer Awards’ for males and females. They are now known as the John Sutherland Trophy for males and the Margaret Sutherland Trophy for females. Margaret Sutherland was the original driving force behind the Learn to Swim program at Nunawading.

The Sutherland trophies are awarded to the male and female who achieve the best swimming performance according to the most current FINA international point score.
Swimmers must be 17 years or over at 1st May from the previous year and swims must be achieved at an official FINA sanctioned long course meet in an Olympic event.

John Sutherland Trophy- awarded to the Most Outstanding 17 years and over Male Swimmer

Year Winner
2015/16 Joshua Beaver
2014/15 Ashley Delaney
2013/14 Ashley Delaney
2012/13 Ashley Delaney
2011/12 Ashley Delaney 
2010/11 Ashley Delaney 
2009/10 Ashley Delaney 
2008/09 Ashley Delaney 
2007/08 Ashley Delaney 
2006/07 Ashley Delaney 


Margaret Sutherland Trophy- awarded to the Most Outstanding 17 years and over Female Swimmer

Year Winner
2015/16 Belinda Hocking
2014/15 Belinda Hocking
2013/14 Belinda Hocking
2012/13 Belinda Hocking
2011/12 Ellen Gandy 
2010/11 Leisel Jones 
2009/10 Leisel Jones 
2008/09 Leisel Jones 
2007/08 Brooke Hanson 
2006/07 Brooke Hanson 


John Sutherland Trophy- awarded to the Most Outstanding 14 years and over Boy Swimmer

Year Winner
2005/06 Jason Cohen 
2004/05 Jason Cohen 
2003/04 Jason Cohen 
2002/03 Jason Cohen 
2001/02 Jason Cohen 
2000/01 Stephen Goudie
1999/00 Adrian Radley 
1998/99 Adrian Radley 
1997/98 Adrian Radley 
1996/97 Adrian Radley 
1995/96 Adrian Radley 
1994/95 Rod Lawson
1993/94 Rod Lawson
1992/93 Rod Lawson
1991/92 Rod Lawson
1991/90 Rod Lawson
1989/90 Rod Lawson
1988/89 Rod Lawson
1987/88 Lachlan Burns 
1986/87 Lachlan Burns 
1985/86 Lachlan Burns 
1984/85 John Andrews 


Margaret Sutherland Trophy- awarded to the Most Outstanding 14 years and over Girl Swimmer

Year Winner
2005/06 Brooke Hanson
2004/05 Brooke Hanson
2003/04 Brooke Hanson
2002/03 Brooke Hanson
2001/02 Brooke Hanson
2000/01 Brooke Hanson
1999/00 Kellie McMillan
1998/99 Brooke Hanson
1997/98 Brooke Hanson
1996/97 Brooke Hanson
1995/96 Rebecca Starkey
1994/95 Megan Davis
1993/94 Megan Davis
1992/93 Megan Davis
1991/92 Julie-Ann Roberts 
1990/91 Emma Leatham 
1989/90 Bronwyn King
1988/89 Debbie Mason
1987/88 Megan Davis
1986/87 Deanne Davis
1985/86 Sue Condon
1984/85 Danielle Laws-Herd