Rauter and Clarke Trophies

Ursula Rauter Trophy for Boys and Liz Clarke Trophy for Girls 

2015/16 Rauter and Clarke trophy w

2015/16 Rauter and Clarke trophy winners William Petric and Andrea Chow with Rod Clarke

 The Ursula Rauter trophy was established in 1992 to commemorate Ursula’s memory and in recognition of her contribution to junior areas within the club. Liz Clarke, a close friend of Ursula’s, was the main instigator of the trophy.

Liz Clark also had a very strong commitment to youth development both within the club and also in the local community. She was a board member and our first female club president from 1989 – 1991 and made an invaluable contribution to the club from 1985 until her death in 1994.

The Award criteria was reviewed in 2014 and now the Ursula Rauter trophy for boys and the Liz Clarke trophy for girls are awarded to the male and female swimmers who achieve the best swimming performance at the Victorian Long Course Championships in 11/under events based on gold, silver and bronze medals and final placings if required.

Ursula Rauter Trophy for Boys

Year Winner
2016/17 Justin Zou & Jamison Morgan
2015/16 William Petric
2014/15 Ernest Chow
2013/14 Ernest Chow
2012/13 Ryan Bicknell
2011/12 Cameron Clarke
2010/11 Elliot Rogerson
2009/10 James Li
2008/09 Nicholas Groenewald
2007/08 Nicholas Groenewald
2006/07 Liam Fisk
2005/06 Edward Lim 
2004/05 Alex Venning 


Liz Clarke Trophy for Girls

Year Winner
2016/17 Andrea Chow
2015/16 Andrea Chow
2014/15 Ruby Klepac
2013/14 Taylah Collins
2012/13 Keilani Trewavis
2011/12 Casey McKinley
2010/11 Julia Hawkins
2009/10 Mikayla Smith
2008/09 Georgia Langford
2007/08 Meg Parry
2006/07 Rebekah Keating
2005/06 Jessica Forster 
2004/05 Stephanie Groenewald