Multi Class

Anne Currie Multi Class Swimmer of the Year Trophy

2016/17 Multi Class swimmer of the year Madi Scott

The inaugural presentation of the Multi Class Swimmer of the Year Trophy was made in 2006/07. The trophy is awarded to the male or female

swimmer who achieved the highest ranking at an International meet in that season. If no swimmer attended an International meet, the swimmer with the highest ranking at the Australian Championships in that season shall receive the award. There is no age restriction for this award.


Year Winner
2016/17 Madeleine Scott
2015/16 Samuel Greatorex
2014/15 Jeremy Tidy
2013/14 Jeremy Tidy
2012/13 Matthew Haanappel
2011/12 Prue Watt
2010/11 Jeremy Tidy
2008/09 Prue Watt
2007/08 Prue Watt
2006/07 Stuart Corstorphan