Meyer and Houghton Trophies

The Meyer Trophy for Boys and the Houghton Trophy for Girls

2016/17 Meyer trophy winner Alex Kirchner

Rick and Jean Houghton and Laurie and Nancy Meyer were mainstays of the club organization for many years, and developed the Meyer Trophy for boys the Houghton Trophy for girls in 1972 in order to give swimmers too young to compete for the Butler Trophy a major trophy to aim for.

These trophies are awarded to the male and female swimmers who achieve the best swimming performance according to the FINA international point score. Swimmers must be 13 years or under  at 1st May from the previous season.
Swims must be completed at an official FINA sanctioned long course meet in an Olympic event.

 Meyer and Houghton Trophy Winners

Meyer Trophy for Boys Houghton Trophy for Girls
Year Awarded
Winner Winner
2016/17 Alex Kirchner Reidel Smith
2015/16 Ryan Bicknell Kayla Costa
2014/15 Ryan Bicknell Keilani Trewavis
2013/14 Elliot Rogerson Julia Hawkins
2012/13 Adam Wildes  Hayley Hogan
2011/12 Nicholas Groenewald Mikayla Smith
2010/11 Nicholas Groenewald Kate Laidlaw
2009/10 Nicholas Groenewald Stephanie Moore
2008/09 Jack Currie Nikaylah Hanlen
2007/08 Alex Venning Jessica Baton
2006/07 Llewellyn Little Belinda Bennett
2005/06 Llewellyn Little Belinda Bennett
2004/05 Jack Laidler Clare Wheatley
2003/04 Sam Sheppard Kimberley Chanter
2002/03 Jamie Banks Nadine Jones
2001/02  Jamie Banks
2000/01  Chris Kirby
1999/00  Chris Kirby
1998/99 Jason Li
1997/98  Jason Li
1996/97  Luke Cartwright
1995/96 Jason Li
1994/95 Chris Crough
1993/94 Daniel Szarbo
1992/93 Daniel Delacorn
1991/92 Joshua Parks
1990/91  Adrian Radley
1989/90 Greg Tate
1988/89 Greg Tate
1987/88 Greg Tate
1986/87  Andrew O’Neill
1985/86 Tim Young
1984/85 Tim Young
1983/84   Tim Young
1982/83  Nathan Ashman
1981/82  Paul Faulkner
1980/81 Gary Barclay
1979/80  Gary Barclay
1978/79 Gary Barclay
1977/78 Gary Barclay
1976/77 Gary Barclay
1975/76 Gary Barclay
1974/75  Craig Pattison
1973/74 Craig Pattison
1972/73  Danny McCormick