Graeme and Helen Wooles Trophies

Graeme Wooles Trophy for Boys and Helen Wooles Trophy for Girls


2015/16 Wooles trophy winners Julia Hawkins and Bowen Gough

These are new awards, presented for the first time in 2006/07 to recognised swimming performances by swimmers aged 14 years to 16 years. These trophies are the Graeme Wooles Trophy for boys and the Helen Wooles Trophy for girls. Graeme and Helen Wooles were long time members and supporters of Nunawading Swimming Club. Graeme went on to be President of the Club from 1982 to 1986 and continued to work for the Club until 2002.

These trophies are for swimmers aged 14 to 16 at 1st May from the previous year and are awarded to the swimmers who achieve the best swimming performance according to the FINA international point score.
Swims must be achieved at an official FINA sanctioned long course meet in Olympic events only.

Graeme Wooles Trophy for Boys

Year Winner
2016/17 Matthew Temple
2015/16 Bowen Gough
2014/15 Nicholas Groenewald
2013/14 Nicholas Groenewald
2012/13 Nicholas Groenewald
2011/12 Jack Currie
2010/11 Jack Currie
2008/09 James Argiro
2007/08 Sam Sheppard
2006/07 Jack Laidler 
2004/05 Dean Oliver 
2003/04 Dylan Cossari
2002/03 Jayson Badrock


Helen Wooles Trophy for Girls

Year Winner
2016/17 Molly Batchelor
2015/16 Julia Hawkins
2014/15 Julia Hawkins
2013/14 Mikayla Smith
2012/13 Eliza Ham
2011/12 Eliza Ham
2010/11 Alanis Olesch-Bryne
2008/09 Ellen Gandy
2007/08 Belinda Bennett
2006/07 Nadine Jones 
2004/05 Lisa Oliver
2003/04 Harriet Wilson
2002/03 Jessica Forster