Nugent and Caune Trophies

The Nugent Trophy for Boys and Caune Trophy for Girls

2016/17 Nugent and Caune winners Brendon Smith and Keilani Trewavis

The Nugent Trophy for Boys and Caune Trophy for girls were presented for the first time in 2006/07.

Leigh Nugent is currently the Patron of Nunawading Swimming Club. He started coaching at Nunawading in 1979 and continued through as Head Coach until 2000. Leigh drove every aspect of the Club during his tenure as Head Coach and his legacy will be remembered forever by Club members.

Helen Caune was a staunch supporter and member of Nunawading Swimming Club for many years. Helen’s involvement began when her children Andrew and Nicole started swimming with the club in 1991 and continued through to her passing in 2005. Helen was involved as a Committee and Board member and was instrumental in many of the recent changes to the Club’s business systems.

The winners of these trophies must be 15 years or under at the start of the season, and are decided by a secret ballot of the Club Trophy Sub-Committee of the Nunawading Swimming Club. Voting is in the four areas of:

  • Swimming ability,
  • Participation in club activities,
  • Sportsmanship,
  • Leadership qualities


Year Awarded LEIGH NUGENT – Boys HELEN CAUNE – Girls
2016/17 Brendon Smith Keilani Trewavis
2015/16 Samuel Greatorex Keilani Trewavis
2014/15 Adam Wildes Mikayla Smith
2013/14 Adam Wildes Mikayla Smith
2012/13 Nicholas Groenewald Eliza Ham 
2011/12 Nicholas Groenewald Meg Parry
2010/11 Sean Whitten Meg Parry
2009/10 Edward Lim Natalie MacGregor
2008/09 Jack Streefkerk Roxanne Perring
2007/08 Jack Streefkerk Roxanne Perring
2006/07 Mitchell Pryor Samantha Bennett