Butler Trophies

2016/17 Butler trophy winners Mikayla Smith and Josh Beaver

Graeme and Clyde Butler were foundation members of this Club in 1960 and were regular members of club teams. In March 1962, whilst swimming for Nunawading High School at the Olympic Pool, Graeme collapsed in the water and died three days later. Twelve months later, Clyde collapsed and died in the water while swimming in the All Schools carnival at the Olympic Pool.

On Graeme’s death, and with the permission of his family, a public subscription was invited to honour a swimmer held in such high esteem by his school and friends. This subscription founded the Graeme Butler Trophy for boys.

After Clyde died the following year, surplus subscription funds were handed to the club to provide the Clyde Butler Trophy for girls.

These trophies perpetuate the memory of two fine swimmers and members. John and Val Butler set out the selection criteria for these awards and when possible still present the trophies to the winners each year.

The winners of the Butler Trophies must be 16 years or older at the start of the season and are are decided by a secret ballot of the Club Trophy Sub-Committee members of the Nunawading Swimming Club. Voting is in the four areas of:

  •  Swimming ability,
  •  Participation in club activities,
  •  Sportsmanship,
  •  Leadership qualities


Year Awarded Graeme Butler – Boys Clyde Butler – Girls
2016/17 Joshua Beaver Mikayla Smith
2015/16 Travis Mahoney Belinda Hocking
2014/15 Travis Mahoney Belinda Hocking
2013/14 Travis Mahoney Belinda Hocking
2012/13 Travis Mahoney Ellen Gandy 
2011/12 Shane Asbury Chelsea Carpenter
2010/11 Shane Asbury Chelsea Carpenter
2009/10 Travis Mahoney Chelsea Carpenter
2008/09 Shane Asbury Chelsea Carpenter
2007/08 Shane Asbury Chelsea Carpenter
2006/07 Shane Asbury Laura-Ann Wong
2005/06 Ashley Delaney Brooke Hanson
2004/05 Ashley Delaney Kate Lynch
2003/04 Jared Clarke Brooke Hanson
2002/03 Nathan Taylor Brooke Hanson
2001/02 Jason Li Brooke Hanson
2000/01 Andrew Dyson Brooke Hanson
1999/00 Jared Clarke Brooke Hanson
1998/99 Shane Sanderson Brooke Hanson
1997/98 Josh Parks Brooke Hanson
1996/97 Shane Sanderson Liesl Ruff
1995/96 Shane Sanderson Liesl Ruff
1994/95 Shane Sanderson Megan Davis
1993/94 Jon Parks Megan Davis
1992/93 Simon Beqir Megan Davis
1991/92 Darren Mann Megan Davis
1990/91 Gary Barclay Megan Davis
1989/90 Anthony McIntyre Megan Davis
1988/89 John Andrews Megan Davis
1987/88 John Andrews Megan Davis
1986/87 John Andrews Megan Davis
1985/86 John Andrews Leoni Taggart
1984/85 Robert Maclaren Lynne Anstee
1983/84 Peter Smith Carol Crofts
1982/83 Peter Smith Angela Wooles
1981/82 Mark Deunk Carol Crofts
1980/81 Sean Mulkearns Josie Hopkins
1979/80 Peter Smith Jane Scott
1978/79 Chris Trek Linda Sharp
1977/78 Peter Bennett Linda Sharp
1976/77 Trevor Sharp Linda Sharp
1975/76 Michael Kean Christine Sutherland
1974/75 David Wilson Ruth Smith
1973/74 David Wilson Ruth Smith
1972/73 David Wilson Karyn Turner
1971/72 David Wilson Karyn Turner
1970/71 Denis Meyer Margaret Houghton
1969/70 Denis Meyer Alison Oates
1968/69 Denis Meyer Alison Oates
1967/68 Denis Meyer Diane Houghton
1966/67 Leigh Nugent Rosemary Smith
1965/66 Peter Rush Rosemary Smith
1964/65 Denis Meyer Sandra Meyer
1963/64 Denis Meyer Brenda Nugent
1962/63 Terry Gay Brenda Nugent
1961/62 Terry Gay