Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – 2014 to 2020

The 2014 to 2020 Strategic Plan was released by the Board in September 2014.

The plan provides direction for members and staff for all aspects of the Nunawading Swimming Club and Just Swimming Swim Schools.

Underlying the Strategic Plan are six Operational Plans for each of the three key areas and three key enablers of the Club.

Our Vision

Commitment to ExcellenceFront Cover

Our Mission

  • To set the standard of excellence in swimming performance, learn to swim & water safety.
  • To attract, develop and retain our people to reach their full potential.

Our Values

  • Excellence in all we do
  • Passion for swimming
  • Safety for everyone
  • Respect and courtesy for each other
  • Teamwork to achieve our common goals
  • Engagement with our people
  • Integrity in our actions
  • Fun and enjoyment through participation

Strategic Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Nunawading Swimming Club Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020 is to enable the achievement of Our Vision by:
1. Providing direction and focus to key stakeholders in relation to day-to-day operations, long term outcomes and supporting operational plans.
2. Encouraging and supporting growth, development and continual improvement of our Club, our business and our people.
3. Ensuring clarity and feedback on the actions and behaviours of our people.

Our Goals

  • Just Swimming – To be recognised as a leader in quality learn to swim and water safety programs in Australia.
  • Competitive Swimming – To provide a quality squad program and the opportunity for coaches and athletes to participate and perform in competitions from club level through to nationals.
  • High Performance – To support high performance swimmers and coaches to achieve elite performances.
  • Business Management & Growth – To ensure a strong financial foundation is in place with appropriate structures, policies, facilities, IT, marketing programs and growth opportunities.
  • Human Resource Management – To attract, develop and retain high performing, committed staff whilst supporting continuous improvement in their capacity to deliver excellent outcomes.
  • Club Membership & Operations – To provide a supportive, engaging, collaborative and inspirational culture for all members.


Strategic Plan – 2008 to 2012

Nunawading Swimming Club put together a comprehensive strategic plan for the period of 2008 to 2012. The Plan, known as ‘TARGET 2012’ was reviewed on an annual basis and used for reporting purposes at Board Meetings on a quarterly basis. More information on the ‘TARGET 2012’ plan is provided below.

Nunawading Swimming Club aims to be “the most recognised and successful swimming club in Australia” and to achieve this, the Club actively seeks to provide the best possible environment for Club members. The NSC Board used information from other successful sporting clubs and organisations to build upon the Club’s uniqueness and to set strategy for improvement into the future. The Board also produced and distributed a survey to all Club members and utilised the feedback in the formalisation of the plan.

In the Strategic Plan document eighteen indicators have been acknowledged that are common to successful swimming clubs as well as other successful sporting clubs. A selection of these indicators has been adopted as key elements that contribute to Nunawading being recognised as a Club and being successful in its endeavours. A forward plan also sets clear aims that will lead the Club towards positive outcomes.

Strategic options for achieving those aims have been identified and listed for each of the 12 indicators chosen. These represent options which will lead towards the accomplishment of the Clubs aims. It is proposed that the options will be discussed and debated throughout the Club for suitability in accordance with resources, priorities and other influencing factors.

The final component of the strategy plan proposes a tool for informing members of broad strategy directions of the Club over the next five years. The tool will be a visual form of recognition of the Club’s directions and will feature the slogan “Target 2012”. This represents the final year of the proposed strategy and coincides with an Olympic year in which the Club plans to have strong representation.