2017 State Teams Championships

Over the weekend the 2017 State Teams Challenge was held at the AIS in Canberra.
The annual event sees each state field a team of up to 40 swimmers in combined age groups of female 13-14yrs, female 15-16yrs, male 14-15yrs and male 16-17yrs.
At the meet swimmers compete for state glory with the top 2 swimmers from each state eligible to score points in each event, with the focus being on swimming for your team, rather than individual achievements.
At the end of the 3 day meet, Victoria finished in 3rd place, behind the dominant Queensland team, with NSW in second place.

Nunawading had 9 swimmers selected to compete on the team, along with coach Mel Klamt. Congratulations to Brendon Smith, Nathan Tran, Hayden Llewellyn, Jack Gurrie, Anna Li, Kayla Costa, Keilani Trewavis, Reidel Smith and Hamed Afshin Azar for their selection onto the team and efforts at the meet. Jemma Jones was also selected to compete at the meet for the Northern Territory team.

All athletes competed well, with some of the highlights including;

Brendon Smith winning 2 gold medals in the male 16-17yrs 400 free and 1500 free events. Brendon also won a bronze in the 200IM. At the end of the meet, Brendon was named male 16-17yrs swimmer of the meet, a great achievement.

Keilani Trewavis‘s great form from the Vic Age and Open Championships continued at this meet winning the female 15-16yrs 200 breaststroke and picking up a bronze in the 200IM. Nunawading team mate Anna Li was close behind Keilani in the 200 breaststroke event, taking the bronze medal.

Kayla Costa had a busy schedule competing in 8 events over the meet winning a silver (15-16yrs 100 fly) and bronze (15-16yrs 50 fly) individual medal and gold and 2 silver medals in relay events.

A list of all Nunawading swimmers results are below with full results available from the meet available at

Brendon Smith- Male 16-17yrs
1st 400 free & 1500 free
3rd 200IM
9th 200 fly & 200 back

Nathan Tran- Male 14-15yrs
2nd 4 x 100 medley relay (fly leg)
3rd 100 fly
4th 50 fly
7th 200 fly
12th 200IM
13th 50 free

Hayden Llewellyn- Male 14-15yrs
2nd 50 back & 4 x 100 medley relay (backstroke leg)
4th 4 x 100 free relay
5th 100 back
7th 50 free
12th 100 free

Jack Gurrie- Male 14-15yrs
7th 400IM
9th 200IM & 200 brst
11th 100 brst
14th 50 brst

Anna Li- Female 15-16yrs
1st 4 x 100 medley relay (brst leg)
3rd 200 brst
7th 100 brst
9th 50 brst

Kayla Costa- Female 15-16yrs
1st 4 x 100 medley relay (fly leg)
2nd 100 fly, 4 x 100 free relay & 4 x 200 free relay
3rd 50 fly
5th 200 fly
9th 100 free
10th 50 free

Keilani Trewavis- Female 15-16yrs
1st 200 brst
3rd 200IM
4th 400IM
5th 100 brst

Reidel Smith- Female 13-14yrs
5th 200 brst
13th 100 brst
14th 400IM
16th 50 brst

Hamed Afshin Azar- Male 16-17yrs
2nd 200 fly
3rd 4 x 100 medley relay (backstroke leg)
5th 100 back
6th 50 back
7th 100 brst & 50 fly
8th 100 fly

Jemma Jones- Female 13-14yrs (competing for NT)
7th 4 x 200 free relay
13th 200 back
14th 100 back
16th 50 free, 100 free & 50 brst
17th 200 free & 50 back
18th 200IM